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Dental Tourism in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The high quality of dental treatment and low costs of dental services make not only Bulgarians living abroad, but also tourists from all over the world to choose to treat their teeth in Bulgaria. The combination of a holiday with care for your dental health is an excellent solution! After getting acquainted with your dental status and establishing the necessary dental procedures, Dr. Stavreva will appoint an optimal treatment scheduleconformed to you personal needs, opportunities and plans.

The city of Plovdiv and its surroundings are a tourist destination in the center of the Thracian Lowlands, distinguished with rich historical and cultural tradition – the lands of Orpheus and the sparkling wine. We will help you choose a suitable low-cost air company, to travel to an airport in Bulgaria and then to Plovdiv. For your pleasant stay, you will be accommodated in a hotel chosen by you and we will recommend you adequate tourist itineraries. You can visit cultural and historical landmarks and archeological and architectural monuments dating back to many centuries ago, taste wine, or enjoy the local folklore, music, theater or art.

On the links page you can find detailed information about meteorological conditions in Plovdiv and the region, as well as any other useful information.

We will be glad to help you at any stage in preparing your trip, treatment, entertainment and active holiday in Bulgaria. Please call us at +359 898 699 155 or share your thoughts with us via the email form below.

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