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Treatment and Prophylaxis


Dr. Stavreva offers qualified dental help and treatment with state-of-the-art technologies and materials. In her center the following procedures are carried out:

prophylaxis and treatment of children and adults;

treatment of dental caries and its complications – pulpitis, periodontitis;

reconstruction of severely destroyed teeth;

removal of tartar by ultrasonic scaler;

prophylaxis and treatment of mucosal diseases and parodontopathies;

painless tooth extraction;

incision upon presence of abscess;

dental bleaching and polishing;

dental recovery by removable prosthodontics – total dentures;

dental recovery by removable prosthodontics – partial dentures:

milled dentures;

lock tight dentures;

joint dentures;

Valplast dentures (elastic, soft);

dental recovery by fixed prosthodontics:

blend crowns;

metal ceramics;

glass ceramics;

zirconium crowns;

treatment of distally unrestricted defects by a state-of-the-art system for prosthodontics over ZX-27 glass abutment system, without use of implants.

Dr Stavreva is in collaboration with a highly qualified dental team and an X-ray studio in proximity to her center. If your treatment imposes use of implants, you will be referred to expert surgeons in implanotology.

Trust to the proven professionalism, gained experience and good personal attitude.

Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Trakia, bl. 181, en. A, apt. 19 map ξ phone: +359 877 035 206ξ e-mail: doctor@stavreva.com
Emergency Dental Aid in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, please call +359 877 035 206.Visiting hours — from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm and upon request.